Welcome to the Anderson Bushi Kai website.

Anderson Bushi Kai (ABK) systems include Freestyle Martial Arts (Karate) and Muay Thai, with a background spaning over 40 years. 
Based on Traditional Karate, real experiences in security and more, O'Kaicho Malcom Anderson (10th degree) has spent his lifetime studing and refining the principles of martial arts. He has developed Andrson Bushi Kai, the instructors and systems for the modern day using the skills and concepts lost to other styles.
ABK Muay Thai can help those not only that want to get fit, but also those wanting to fight in the ring. Many fighters, trainers and Thai clubs has developed through the tuition of Khru Malcolm Anderson.

Anderson Bushi Kai, which translates to Society of Warriors, develops in its students a firm foundation for discipline, skill, respect & loyalty.
With a school near you, you can enjoy learning real martial arts principles, concepts and techniques developed by one of Australia's most respected martial artists.

We hope to see you on the floor soon. OSU